Sunday, 17 September 2017

Another busy week at DR TOOT !

Wow, Monday started very busy…as Zara mentioned last week, the Selmer Paris Prologue professional clarinet left for a new home in Wellington. Also, another pre-loved instrument, Yamaha trumpet YTR4335G has found a new home in Auckland – it was picked up by a father of the player early morning….I greeted him at the office and he said to my mummy and me “what a beautiful cat !” yeah, that’s me JJ Anyway, the both instruments didn’t stay here for a long.

Then, Wednesday, a local mother and son visited us after school. The son told us that he has been checking up our website….oh, good boy J They came to DR TOOT to try the latest addition of Yamaha alto sax YAS275 which arrived on Saturday last week with the above trumpet from Japan. He really liked the saxophone and left with it with smile J His mum said that she would read our blog….so, she might be reading this !??

I am Alfa…Princess Alfa…So, I didn’t stop here and sold another clarinet on Friday….Yeah J Yamaha clarinet YCL450 found a new home in Gisborne via Trade Me. It will be leaving here tomorrow morning.

The team has been very busy and working hard…lots of instruments brought in for repairs/services. Some instruments have gone home too. Thank you for all customers who visited us this week J

It’s not long till school holidays start again. Have you arranged to get your instrument serviced? Please don’t leave it too late. This week a saxophone came in for a service. We sold it about 2 years ago and it didn’t come in for its check up. The young boy plays it all the time and couldn’t come in to have it serviced. Please make time. The repair/service was over $1,500. It is important to make time and get your instrument serviced on a regular basis J

To all our human friends…. The 2017 elections are happening next Saturday. Have you voted?  Zara will talk to you next week on what happened. I vote for more food (fish), and more time outside - My needs are simple J

Please have a good week and be kind to each other. Zara is having a few issues over me at the moment and needs to learn to be more kind. Be purrrfect…. Like me JJJ