Sunday, 1 October 2017

My misadventures

Another busy Monday started…A lady from Golden Bay phoned, and she told daddy that she was looking for a Bb clarinet. Daddy mentioned about a new addition of the Yamaha wooden clarinet YCL352 which was just serviced by Masaru and mummy was going to take some photos…as usual, daddy talk, talk, talk…and the clarinet was left for Golden Bay in the same day….ummm, it didn’t stay here for a long !

The same day, the long-awaited brand new Briccialdi flutes have arrived safely from Italy !  They are so gorgeous…they are made in Italy and available first time in New Zealand through DR TOOT !!! I think that’s quite exciting J Flutes have silver colour, you know….like me, not black like Zara J Anyway, Zara and I do hope that the flutes will find a new home very soon !

Next day,  I had a little adventure…While daddy was talking to a customer outside, I snuck outside and nobody realized that I was out. Daddy shut the door and I was free!!!!!!!! After spending a little time with the roses out front, I hopped over the fence and explored our back yard.  Sun bathing on the path and checking out some wild moths and bugs. After an hour or so, mummy and daddy saw me and it was time for my adventure to come to an end. It was fun, but a little scary.  Zara was watching me from inside the house which was a little funny…. Mummy and daddy didn’t think it was funny.

On Friday, we had a family visited us from Whangarei. The mother is very much a cat lover and reads our blog every week ! Her daughter plays a clarinet and they came here to drop off her Yamaha clarinet on the way to the airport. The mother is a fan of Zara and wanted to see Zara (not me !). Zara sat on her lap and she seemed so relaxed…We hope that the family is having a great time in New Caledonia !

While Masaru was busy working on the Selmer Paris Recital Eb clarinet, Taka and daddy were busy with cleaning the workshop – they did a very good job. The workshop is now immaculate !!!

It’s been wild weathers in Auckland – rain, sunny, windy, cloudy, heavy rain again…and we have now October…already ! The school holiday’s have just started and three instruments were dropped off for servicing on Saturday.

It will be another busy week ahead of DR TOOT Team…and I hope there will be lots of sunshine, so daddy can play with me with his mobile phone !!!