Sunday, 10 September 2017

We all take care of each other…

Well, spring is here, but sometimes it feels like winter all over again. Sun becomes rain, becomes wind, becomes cold temperatures, becomes…. This change of the weather plays havoc on my fur. I am not as sleek and beautiful as usual. My daddy has a nasty chest infection and he isn’t sleeping well. As a result of this, he doesn’t sleep well and is pretty grumpy in the day. It’s up to me to calm him down and sleep on his lap. This helps him and I do this for my daddy. I have never seen Alfa do this for daddy… never and I wouldn’t let her near daddy anyways.😺

Alfa to be fair can be very friendly and caring. First thing in the morning she shows passion and caring around mummy and daddy until breakfast is served. Awhile after breakfast she shows her love again when she wants her biscuits. This love for mummy and daddy is repeated near dinnertime. When she is cold, she then shares herself with mummy on the blanket on mummy’s lap. 😸

This week at DR TOOT has been a very busy week. As Alfa mentioned before, an amazing 1960 Conn 10M, silver plated, naked lady, tenor sax arrived from Japan to our shop to have a major make over to get ready for sale. Taka performed the operation and she looks and sounds like a real beauty. All new pads and corks and restored to her original self. Well done Taka. You can hear Taka and the Conn tenor on our website and Instagram. Masaru too has been very busy as he did major surgery on a beautiful Selmer Paris clarinet. Complete rebuild and new pads and corks too. Masaru did such a fine job on it, that it yesterday was sold and is heading off to a new home in Wellington. Daddy has been working on many brass band instruments such as cornets, trombones and euphoniums. Busy, busy, busy. While all this was going on, mummy has been busy invoicing, packing and making sure that daddy and the boys “KEEP WORKING” ! 😎

Yesterday, 5 instruments arrived from Japan as stock instruments. These included 2 alto saxophones, 1 trumpet, 1 flute and 1 clarinet. It looks like the trumpet may already have a new owner. Wow, things move fast at DR.TOOT. Well I must retire now and rest. Daddy is playing tonight in a concert with the Howick Brass Band. Mummy will be going, leaving Alfa and I alone…….again.

My challenge to you all this week is to find someone to care for. Show them your love and kindness and do this with no selfishness 😊😊😊