Sunday, 8 October 2017

Rain, rain, go away!!

What is it with this weather ? Morning is a little sunny, then cloudy, then rain, then sunshine. Daddy says that it reminds him of Vancouver. Our house is pretty multi-national. Daddy was born in B.C. Canada but now lives in New Zealand. Daddy’s mum was from New Zealand, so that’s the connection. Mummy was born in Japan but now also lives in New Zealand. Mummy has lived in many places around the world including Italy. In our home you can hear many different languages. I think it is very exciting 😀

Speaking of Italy…..As Alfa mentioned, we are the proud importers and suppliers of the Italian made flutes, Briccialdi. It is so funny hearing daddy trying to say Briccialdi. Mummy gets cross with him as she can say it so beautifully. Well, on Monday, we sold our first Briccialdi flute. It has gone to a young girl here in Auckland. This flute features a solid silver headjoint, open hole keys, offset G with Split E. It also features, French Pointed keys with a B Foot Joint. She will be very very happy with her new flute. Congratulations to me for selling the first Italian Briccialdi flute in New Zealand 😎

This week has seen many repairs done by daddy, Masaru and Taka. One of the repairs done by Masaru was a Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet. Masaru did a Platinum Service, (Complete Overhaul ) on this clarinet. This customer is one of my biggest fans and she reads my blog all the time. She will be thrilled that I mentioned her in this blog !

Many saxophone, clarinet and flute repairs and service have been done this week and the boys seem to have caught up with the repairs. It is good that all the repairs so far are all caught up as we received another batch of instruments from Japan for stock on Saturday morning. They include a Yamaha Trumpet, 800 series in silver plate finish, a Yamaha YAS 380 Alto sax and a YCL650 Wooden Clarinet. All of these are in amazing condition and will soon be looking for new homes.

Well the sun is out…hahaha, for a little while, so I will go outside and get my vitamin D intake. It’s good for my fur and enhances my natural beauty. We are in a new month with new adventures ahead. Bring on summer and see less of this crazy weather. 😼