Sunday, 19 November 2017

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!! TEN YEARS YOUNG!

It’s been a fantastic week and maybe it is because of me. No Maybe’s It is because of me. I have the touch. I am Zara😁. The week as sales goes started a little slow, but I am a patient girl. 

Thursday was a special day in New Zealand’s calendar.  It was my birthday πŸ˜‹. Blackie from next door and a larger version of me from the front house came over and paid their respects. Some say that it was a bit like the God Father πŸ™€. I couldn’t possibly comment on that. Word got out in Howick that I turned 10 years old and the cat crowd went crazy. We started the day with Tuna and sardines for breakfast. A lovely start and one I shared with Alfa. She showed her appreciation and stepped back while I ate my breakfast. It’s called respect. Something the younger generation of cats know little of. The kittens think that it’s all about them.

Thursday wasn’t just my birthday but a day the sales started coming in. The day started with a sale to a school in Hamilton of a Yamaha YAS280 Alto Sax. We did a platinum service for them of a Yamaha alto sax so they now have 2 lovely saxophones for their students to enjoy. Later that morning a lady and her two lovely daughters came and tried out a Yamaha Custom Clarinet and Briccialdi flute. The girl who got the clarinet has never played before and has started her clarinet playing with an amazing Yamaha Custom wooden clarinet. She was so happy. Her sister was there and to her surprise, she got an Intermediate Briccialdi flute with all the bells and whistles. Both are very lucky girls and are very lucky to have parents that are very supportive for their music performance. I personally met them and let them stroke me on my birthday. They were so lucky!

On Friday a gentleman came in and bought a Yamaha trumpet. He loved it so much and said that it was better than the one he was playing in London. Of course, it was. 

On Saturday morning a family in Christchurch bought a Briccialdi intermediate flute and a preloved wooden Noblet clarinet. Another South Island happy customer 😊.  Then on Sunday, a student of daddy’s came to our home and bought a brand new Selmer Paris Series II Alto sax. He was very very happy…..and so was mummy and daddy. The Zara good luck charm worked again!

The boys with daddy have been very busy in the workshop with a few major jobs and mummy keeping up with all the invoices for all the sales and repairs. Imagine this all under my watchful eyes. Alfa had a great sleep this week. So tired watching me being so busy, the challenge is out the for you Alfa. Can you handle it??

I best go and relax. Daddy has been out a lot with rehearsals for Manukau Concert Band, Howick Brass Band and Manukau Symphony Orchestra, so I better make him relax and sleep on his lap. Lucky daddy……lucky me 😼😸😼