Sunday, 26 November 2017

DR TOOT’s Summer has begun !

Quiet Monday…it was a bit different as usual. No phone calls, no customers…but the Team was still busy with repairs…so, that was gooood ! Lots of pads for saxophone, flute and clarinet have arrived from Italy, so boys were happy J

Then, it was sooooo busy suddenly on Tuesday – lots of phone calls and customers came in with instruments. Maybe Rico was meowing from the top…yes, it was his birthday. He would have been 9 year-old. Daddy reminded me that I wouldn’t be here if Rico was still alive…I know, daddy J Well, one of pre-loved saxophones, Yamaha tenor sax YTS380, has found a new home near Whangarei. It was picked up by Fastway Couriers. We hope that the new owner has been enjoying playing it J

Thursday was another very busy day here. Another pre-loved instrument, Yamaha tenor horn (not tenor sax this time J) has left for a new home in Christchurch. It would be playing by one of Youth Bands down there. I am quite thrilled that our pre-loved instruments go all over New Zealand !

On Friday, DR TOOT’s summer started officially !!! Zara and I saw that a mountain of instruments have arrived from two schools – one school from Tauranga and another one from Auckland. Have you seen our instagram ? Mummy took a photo of Zara – she was excited to see so many instruments and dancing on the ground J

Not only instruments have arrived, but also our new assistant arrived safely from Japan on Saturday ! His name is Yasu…he is the youngest and tallest of the DR TOOT Team ! He goes to the wind instruments repairs school where Masaru graduated. He will be staying with us until early February.

It’s been hot in Auckland, and I enjoy the weather very much…outside…of course…with leash ? OF COURSE …I am Alfa, Princes Alfa…proud to be a house cat JJJ