Sunday, 3 December 2017

Hot but Happy

It’s been a VERY HOT WEEK for humanoids and cats. It’s times like this that you wish you could peel off your fur and chill out. Everyday I fall asleep under my special tree and dream of happy times with Rico, playing amongst the trees in our back yard at Uxbridge Rd. in Howick. Nowadays, Rico is gone and we live in another house. Rico’s ashes and collar are buried in the garden and I visit him most days. It is almost 6 years ago now that Rico left us. Seems a lot longer…..

Like I said, it’s been pretty hot here. Summer arrived on Friday, (December 1st), here in New Zealand. Daddy still speaks of times when there was snow around near Christmas time, but that was in Canada. Apparently, in Port Coquitlam, daddy’s home town, there is plenty of snow about. According to Douglas Planidin and his 2 cats, Poco has been hit with an unusual large amount of snow. Stay warm my fur brothers. At night time, Alfa still insists to sleep near me. I am not happy as she is always so hot.

Another exciting week at DR TOOT’S. Three new flutes arrived from Briccialdi Flutes in Italy Two intermediate models and one Professional flute with all the bells and whistles on it. We also received two clarinets and one oboe from Japan. One of the clarinets, a Buffet E11 AND Selmer USA Oboe, sold within 24 hours after they arrived. Another Buffet clarinet E13 sold on Friday afternoon. It is  that crazy time of year when the instruments start flying out of the shop and arrive into happy homes all around New Zealand.

The repair shop has been a buzz of excitement. As Alfa mentioned, many many instruments arrived here for servicing a week last Friday ago. Some of the instruments, about 40 of them, had to be completed within a week as they were needed for end of the year school concerts. This was an amazing challenge for the team at DR TOOT. Yasu who has joined the team until early February, experienced his first week in New Zealand with 34 instruments that he personally had to take apart and clear for Masaru and Taka. Daddy did all the brass instruments and cleaned them as well. Everybody at the end of the week was exhausted and finished the Friday with drinks and a BBQ to welcome Yasu and to relax at the end of a very hard week.

Well the sun is going down and my tummy is feeling a little empty. Come on daddy. It’s dinner time. I see that Alfa is already at the food dish. No surprises there….🙀