Sunday, 10 December 2017

Great Escape

Needless to say, it’s been sooooo hot in Auckland. The summer has arrived much earlier than usual. It’s good for me…everyone feels hot, so all windows and doors are opened…hehehehe. I can chill out outside on the cool concrete…of course, with my friend, leash J

In fact, I must tell you that I did “great escape” this week. Mummy was so busy doing this and that and here and there… and she totally forgot to close the office door. Of course, I did not miss the chance and I saw a window was open widely !!! Yeahhhhh, I jumped off from there and walked around for a while. When mummy realized that the window and door were open, she looked for me everywhere…yep, I was gone gone gone J I heard that she and daddy were calling my name repeatedly and I felt guilty a little bit…So, I came back myself…I didn’t tell them where I was but I had my greatest adventure in 2017, that’s for sure !

On Monday, while I was resting outside, I heard our phone was kept ringing – good sign J Mummy wished that I could answer the phone ! Well, I didn’t waste my time…another Briccialdi student model flute 203 has found a new home and left for Napier ! SOLD OUT…again…Don’t worry..they will be back soon - The new shipment has left Italy and will be arriving in a few days J

The Team has gone through so many instruments this week. Instruments from schools in Tauranga, Auckland…and even one baritone sax has arrived from a new school in Christchurch ! Also, some instruments from our private customers…We are sorry that we are unable to offer our normal quick turnaround (2-3 working days) at the moment as there are so many instruments lined up !

Under the heat, on Wednesday, a familiar faces visited us…the family who purchased an alto sax a few months ago and returned to DR TOOT to buy a tenor sax this time J Wow, our pre-loved Yanagisawa tenor sax T991 has found a new home in Auckland !

Saturday morning, daddy played with Howick Brass Band at the front of our local supermarket, New World in Howick. Then, the members of the band and families gathered for a BBQ party at DR TOOT  in the afternoon. Zara and I had to stay in mummy and daddy’s bedroom like last year. We both were sad that we didn’t joined them but we had a very good sleep J

Nearly two weeks to go to Christmas…meow !  I haven’t worked out what to get mummy and daddy. Zara said that a good present for her was 24 hours without me! I know she doesn’t mean it…..I think…Anyway, it’s all happening at DR TOOT. Time to relax and prepare for another busy week ahead JJJ