Sunday, 4 March 2018

Taking care of business !

“Zara ROCKS !!!” ??? I don’t want to copy her, but I must say “Alfa ROCKS !!!!!” Yup, I had a very very good week for sales and worked very hard for DR TOOT this week…well, like other weeks J

On Monday, our two Yamaha alto saxophones have found a new home in Invercargill. They went to one of our long term customers down there…We trust that they will be looked after well ! Then, another customer phoned up from Napier and he purchased a Yanagisawa bronze alto sax A902 over the phone.  All saxophones have left for a new home J

Tuesday morning, before 7.00am, a phone rang – We thought it was a bit early…it was from Jack at Kanstul in USA ! As Zara mentioned last week, DR TOOT made our first order to Kanstul and Jack phoned up about our order…Yes, the Kanstul instruments are all hand made in their factory in USA…Wow, even the parts they make by themselves. So, they just about start producing our instruments…How exciting !!!

The same day, our pre-loved Yamaha trumpet went to one of schools in Auckland J and Holton French Horn also went to another school in Auckland…ummm, good feeling J The long day didn’t finish until nearly 7.00pm…a mother and daughter visited us to try the Briccialdi flute student model. The 10 year-old girl played the flute and her eyes opened up with shine…she smiled and this was it. They left here with the brand new flute J

Wednesday, daddy played with Howick Brass Band at the opening ceremony for one of doughnuts chain stores called Krispy Kream in Manukau. He left home before 7.00am and came back with lots of doughnuts…sadly they were not for me or Zara, but the boys, Masaru and Taka were so happy to have yummy doughnuts J

I had a little break on Thursday…..then had a very busy Friday - Just before 9.00am, the first customer for the day arrived from Kerikeri (he told us that he stayed in Auckland overnight J). He visited DR TOOT to try a newly arrived Yanagisawa soprano sax S901ll. It arrived on Monday and just serviced by Masaru the other day. The customer played, loved it and went home together…another happy customer ! Zara and I saw lots of faces…new faces and familiar faces…then, nearly end of the day, a customer brought in a Yamaha clarinet for service. He also wanted to try one of our clarinets…He tried the Selmer Paris Prologue ll clarinet, and he fallen love with the sound…well, he has left his Yamaha clarinet for service and went home with the new clarinet and happy face….well done, Alfa JJJ 

After work, the Team minus me and Zara went to a Japanese restaurant for a “Well done, Team” dinner J They worked very hard during the summer school holiday, so daddy and mummy took  Masarua and Taka out. They sound that they had a very good time together !
Well, I thought I would finish here…I must add one more - Saturday afternoon, father and his three children visited DR TOOT. One of them plays the clarinet and he wanted to try a Buffet E11 which just arrived the other day and serviced by Masaru…well, another wooden clarinet went out our door !

Sorry, everyone…it’s getting on and on and on…just like Zara does every week J I must stop here and relax…yes, it’s Sunday and the weather is still pretty good. Hope everyone had an awesome week and weekend…Happy Tooting from Alfa, Princess Alfa…goody goody gumdrops gumdrops  JJJ