Sunday, 10 June 2018

Life is good !

It was a short week…which made everyone busy !

Tuesday morning, mummy was busy with packing to send orders way to customers all around New Zealand.

Instruments have arrived for services/repairs from Dunedin, Blenheim, Hamilton, Wanganui…etc. We saw also familiar face from Whangarei. The customer brought in the beautiful 1923 silver plated Buescher alto saxophone for a full service.

Masaru has been busy with clarinets and saxophones, Taka has been busy with flutes and saxophones, daddy has been busy with brass instruments – the team was full on !!!

NZ Brass Band National Contest will be starting in a few weeks time in July, so lots of brass instruments for servicing for daddy J Daddy will be also playing the tuba with Howick Brass Band and he has been busy with the rehearsals. Like today, he had a rehearsal all day !

We had so many rainy days and our driveway and garden were a bit messy with lots of weeds and leaves….it was sunny day yesterday and cloudy today but no rain. So, mummy finally could have done the tidy up J It was funny seeing from a window that Zara was running around like doggy !

I know… I am a house cat…and happy…especially in the cold days, stay inside and warm under blankey…Life is good…no complains ! J

A Big shout to Woody Kanstul and friends who are suffering , (with dignity and silence of course), in L.A. under extreme heat. Here in New Zealand Zara and I are cooool cats. Please listen to your servants and stay out of the sun. Sometimes, they know best….sometimes. Stay cool till later !