Sunday, 25 November 2018

Just like winter...

The week started with not so nice weather… Rain and rain..and we had thunder on Tuesday which I really don’t like….meow meow meow 😿 You guess it, I was under the furniture again in mummy’s office 😂

The efficient team nearly caught up all repairs last week, but it suddenly turned busy this week again! The weather is like winter but the summer has come to the workshop…yes, bunch of instruments have arrived from one of schools in Auckland !😺

For sale, this week was flutes and piccolo week 😺 On Tuesday, a pre-loved Yamaha flute 311 found a new home in Lower Hutt. Then, Briccialdi flute model 1849 left for a new home in Havelock North on Thursday. Hopefully the new owners are enjoying their new flute !

On Saturday, a mother and daughter visited us from Whangarei. The mother was with her son here nearly two months ago and they left with the Yamaha tenor sax that time. This time was with her daughter who was interested in the Yamaha piccolo YPC61, which just arrived in and serviced by Taka. She tried it upstairs and we all heard beautiful sounds. She really liked the piccolo and went home with it and happy face 😊😊😊

It was Rico’s birthday on Wednesday. He would have been 10 year-old. Of course, I do not know Rico but Zara, daddy and mummy talk about him time to time. It sounds like all sweet and funny memories 😸

Saturday night, daddy played the tuba with Manukau Symphony Orchestra which is cerebrating the 25th anniversary this year ! It was a full house and it sounds that daddy played very well…Well done, daddy !!!  Daddy still has a few more concerts with other band such as MCB and Howick Brass before Christmas.

Oh, sun is out again but for how long?... who knows??? The roses all loving the rain. All this weather drama is making me sleepy...😴😴😴