Sunday, 2 December 2018

Summertime ???

They say it’s summertime here, but it sure still feels like winter!! Yesterday was the first day of summer and we were supposed to have our first BBQ of the year. This didn’t happen as it rained and was a bit chilly. Today is a different story. It’s 23C outside with plenty of sun and a lovely cool breeze. I am outside laying in the shade listening to the birds. Alfa is too outside in the shade pretending she is an outside cat 🙀

A Yamaha Bb/F preloved trombone arrived from Japan on Monday, and after a quick service check, found a new home at a local school. A few instruments also arrived this week including two Kanstul Chicago Series 1000. One of these Kanstul trumpets already has found a home. These instruments are amazing and at DR TOOT, we have quite a few in stock. As they say….Nothing Resonates like a Kanstul!!! If you are a brass wind player, and appreciate a great instrument, then you must come in and try a Kanstul.

Also arrived from Japan was a Yamaha cornet and a Yamaha Custom CX Model clarinet and Yamaha YPC32 piccolo. These three have already been serviced and will be listed shortly. On Thursday a lady and her daughter came in and tried a Briccaldi Intermediate flute. After just a few minutes of playing it, she fell in love with the looks and the sound. A very happy girl indeed. I personally went upstairs to check it out. She has only been playing for a few months, yet, produced such a lovely sound. Well done!! 😸

This week has been very busy in the workshop. Many private and school instruments done which have been picked up or delivered. Taka has completely rebuilt an old Yamaha YBS61 Baritone sax. All dents removed and completely re padded. I am sure it plays better then when it was new. Masaru has been very busy working on over 10 clarinets for schools and private customers. Daddy busy on brass instruments and mummy busy as usual in the office invoicing and making sure everything gets done in order and time. 😉

On Monday and Thursday, daddy will be going to a couple of schools to pick up more instruments. I am sure Alfa will tell you more about this next Sunday.😸

Well my happy little munchkins, it’s time to sleep again. Putting up with Alfa’s snoring all night isn’t easy. Back to my beauty sleep……😺