Sunday, 16 December 2018

Humanoids everywhere!!!!

I’m here with daddy now doing my blog. I’m not too happy as daddy has asked me to come inside to share my views. The sun is shining and I am working on my tan. Oh well, here we go…..The weather this week has been so tangible. Rain, wind sunshine, rain, rain, lightning and thunder. Come on! Give us a break and let summer come. I’m a bit grumpy about the weather and daddy.

On Monday night, mummy and daddy went out to an end of the year dinner with the Manukau Concert band at a local restaurant. On Tuesday night, daddy was out for a Howick Brass committee meeting. On Wednesday night, daddy was out at Howick Brass Bands final rehearsal for the year. I put my paw down and told daddy that he had to stay home tonight. That didn’t last long because mummy and daddy were out of Friday night to an ex student’s 21st Birthday party. That evening there was thunder and lightning which really scared Alfa, leaving me here to calm her down. Not Happy!!! 😈😡😀

I told daddy to stay home on Saturday night and he agreed. What he didn’t tell me that over 50 people were coming over and Alfa and I would be locked into mummy and daddy’s bedroom. WOW…..REALLY NOT HAPPY!!!!! You see, Mummy and daddy were hosting for the third year, the Howick Brass, end of the year BBQ at our house, and seemingly, too ashamed for me to be present. Today daddy has been very kind to me and explained everything with many sorries… which I still haven’t accepted 😆

This week in the shop has been very very busy with repairs coming in from schools and private musicians. The only musical instrument sale was a pre-loved flute which we sold today. Many accessories have been shipped all around New Zealand though.

I am sorry that this blog is short, but I have had an uneasy week. Just a little sleep and a little too much Alfa. Just over a week till Christmas. Have you been a good cat????😼