Sunday, 9 December 2018

Oh, so scary….

Yep, I am talking about thunder !!! We had lightning and thunder here again…really strange weather.

Monday, mummy took photos and listed three pre-loved instruments (Yamaha piccolo, clarinet and cornet) on our website, instagram and facebook…etc. One of our customers saw the Yamaha cornet on our facebook page and she purchased it via our website - It was so fast…faster than my run JJJ

On Monday and Friday, daddy went to two schools in Auckland and picked up more instruments from them. You guess it…now the workshop is a full of instruments. This coming week, he is going to another school to collect more instruments J As you might notice by now, unfortunately we do not have an assistant this year. Yes, the team of three (daddy, Masaru and Taka)…and of course, me and Zara...and mummy J must organize well and get through this summer holiday !!!

On Thursday, I saw a familiar face again…mother and son from Whangarei J They came here a few month ago and left with one of our tenor sax and the mother was here with a daughter just the other day. That time, they left with a piccolo J This time, the son wanted to try our clarinets. He tried a few clarinets (played very well J) and they left with a Buffet R13 clarinet….meow meow meow !

Well, the weird weather continued but it was fine in the weekend finally. Mummy enjoyed the concert which was on at the St Andrew’s Church just around corner from us. There were Auckland Wind Orchestra, Manukau Concert Band (daddy played the tuba) and St Andrew’s Big Band.

Busy daddy played the tuba twice (PM and evening concerts) yesterday, and he went to play the tuba with Manukau Concert Band again today. It was a beautiful day here, Howick and I hope that everyone enjoyed the 65th Howick Santa Parade today !