Sunday, 29 March 2020

The Sound of Silence….

We are all in Lockdown. Yes, that’s right. DR TOOT and the rest of New Zealand are in Lockdown. The reason we have been told is because of this Virus that has spread all around the world. Thousands and thousands of humans have died. The virus does not affect cats or other animals so we are ok.

Supermarkets and a few other essential shops are open which is good because mummy and daddy must but cat food for us and themselves of course. Alfa got very worried because she is just a house cat and relies on mummy and daddy to feed her as she can’t survive on the bugs she usually eats about the house.

It’s very strange seeing mummy and daddy not leaving the house. They have to stay indoors, like Alfa all the time. Daddy has been very, very busy washing and cleaning the repair shop while mummy has been very busy cleaning the office and different house projects. Our house is starting to look like new. This Lockdown is suppose to last for at least 4 weeks. We can only imagine what the house will look like by then!!!!

Monday was our last day being open, but that didn’t stop a sale going through. I with the help of mummy and daddy, sold a Yamaha YTS380 pre-loved Tenor Saxophone. Yes, even in these trying times, I was able to sell a sax and get it picked up and sent to it’s happy new owner. Taka too was able to finish in time a huge project he was working on. It was a complete rebuild of a vintage Conn Alto Sax that he has been working on for a while. Taka is very cleaver and I like him, but I don’t think he is really a cat person because I see the way he looks at Alfa and me sometimes…….πŸ™€πŸ˜πŸ˜Έ

Before I go, I have some good news to share. As I mentioned to my loyal subjects before, I asked you all to keep an eye open for Griff who has been missing for a while. Alfa and I have seen him a couple of times on our fence. Well I and our neighbour spotted him on our fence again and our neighbour called Griff’s family and they came by to pick him up. Happy humans and happy Kitty Cat. Thank you all for keeping an eye out. I love happy endings. Humans are now doing what we cats do all the time. Keep clean, wash your paws and relax. Meow Meow !!!

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Stay Safe and Well !!!

It’s near the end of March, but it’s been still mild and warm sometimes. 

It’s been very strange and weird nowadays as watching mummy and daddy washing hands all the time or they put some gels on hands and rubbing quite often….Or, mummy often sprays everywhere or wipes down door knobs πŸ™€

Zara and I watch the news and we are aware what’s happening right now all over the world.  Human world can be complicated and hectic.  Our thoughts go to Italy…Especially, mummy cannot believe to hear the news everyday.

At DR TOOT, we are fine and our business is as usual so far….hope it will stay this way and we do hope that everything will be back to normal very soon.  We do not want to spread the virus in New Zealand and the Team try our best to clean and sanitise instruments, mouthpieces and cases very well.

We are grateful that some customers are still visiting us everyday as well as our online store.  This week, three clarinets and a trombone have found a new home !  A pre-loved Yamaha clarinet YCL650 has gone to Gisborne.  Also, another pre-loved clarinet has left for a new home in Methven. On Thursday, a lady and her son visited us and purchased a brand new Backun Alpha clarinet for her daughter….Yes, Alpha (not Alfa) has found a new home in Auckland 😸The same day, a brand new BAC Apprentice trombone found a new home in Kumeu via Trade Me.  

A big parcel arrived from Japan too…it was a pre-loved Yamaha Sousaphone !  It will be serviced and repaired and will have a new Protec case soon….and it will be ready for sale 😊

Things are really changing for our two legged friends. Daddy won’t be playing at many concerts or rehearsals as they are all on hold for now. This means that Daddy will be home more which will at least make Zara happy.  Hope you are all well and stay that way. Zara and I are always well, although sometimes Zara has a KAKA…..You know what I mean. Its an age thing. Keep cool 😻😸

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Autumn is here, and so beautiful!

My routine now a days is to wake up, eat, sleep a little inside and sleep the rest of the day outside on a chair and take in the beautiful sun. it’s not too hot and not too cold. Just right for a beautiful regal girl like me. Us cats have to be aware of our health. I stay close to home so that I don’t get any cat virus that may be around 😼

Everybody here is very aware in keeping their hands clean before and after working on a customer’s instrument. You can always feel safe when you bring your instrument in that it is in good and clean hands. The TEAM at DR TOOT are very professional and do their best for you.

Many repairs are on the table at the moment. All benches are a hive of activity Taka is working on another big project. He is rebuilding a very old Conn Alto Sax. Mio and Jordan are working on flutes and saxophones and daddy is organising everyone and looking busy. He talks to many customers and helps them with information on the many instruments we deal with.

One of the customers was looking for a good European trumpet at a great price and he found one here. Very happy customer now with a wonderful trumpet. I helped of course. 😸

We have just heard that the Hamilton Flute Festival was to take place in 2 weeks time has now been postponed till further notice due to the virus situation. We are all sorry to hear this and hope to hear some good news later. With this horrible virus, many events have been postponed until further notice. We will keep you up to date on and Music Events that we are involved with. It’s not nice for these events to not happen, but for the safety and health of everyone, it’s more important that we keep safe and healthy.

A few instruments arrived this week including two Selmer Paris Alto Saxophones and an Arnolds & Sons Alto Sax and 4 valved Euphonium which has been order from us for a school.

Time to say goodbye and be safe. I would like to ask all cats and humans to please keep an eye open for Griff. He is a ginger, long haired cat that lives very close to us. I think he has lost his way and may need some help to find home. Please let us know if you have heard or seen him. MEOW….MEOW !!

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Alfa, Go Alfa !!!

Yes, March has started and it’s autumn now. BUT, it’s still hot here…blue sky and nice weather !

The efficient team seems have caught up repairs. So, we can offer our normal turnaround 3-4 working days…if it’s not a major job 😼 Taka was on leave from Wednesday to Friday and he will be back on Monday ! A couple of saxophones are waiting for him 😸

Sales wise, I started slowly…I had a bit pressure from my big sis Zara as she has been doing well….meow ! I thought myself I am Princess Alfa…I always do my best ! Well, a familiar face visited DR TOOT after school with her son, Blake. He wanted to try a new arrival, brand new BAC (Best American Craftsmen) Apprentice Trumpet. He played it and loved it 😻 He kept smiling…mummy and daddy asked him if we can take a photo of him with the new trumpet….So, as you can see it on our facebook and instagram page !

Then next day, Saturday afternoon, a young couple visited DR TOOT to see one of pre-loved alto saxophones. Yes, we have a very good range of alto saxophones right now. He looked at the Yamaha alto sax YAS480, loved it and went home with it…without trying it. He normally plays the tenor sax and he wanted to buy an alto sax this time…he came to the right place, meow meow meow 😸

Then, today (Sunday) one of pre-loved trumpets found a new home via Trade Me. The Jupiter advanced student model trumpet will be leaving here soon - the instruments are coming and going all over New Zealand !

We had another customer who came here to purchase one of trumpet gig bags for his son’s birthday. He told mummy that they have a 18 year-old cat….wow, that’s double of my age !

It was a beautiful weather here in Auckland today…Hope that everyone had a safe and sound weekend 😊😺😸

Sunday, 1 March 2020

New Season, New Beginning for B.A.C. Musical Instruments!!!!

Good afternoon, my beautiful fellow subjects. It’s the first day of fall here, but you really wouldn’t know it. It’s still so hot and sticky here. There are many times I wish I could take my lovely smooth and well  groomed fur coat off and be a bit cooler. Then I am reminded on how wonderful I look, so I keep it on and suffer in silence. That is my nature…😺

Well it’s been a week on new beginnings and excitement. Our long, awaited order of the B.A.C. Apprentice Trumpets and the Handmade Professional B.A.C. Paseo Trumpet arrived. Wow!!! I have never seen anything as beautiful as this. For a closer view, please check out our website You will see what I mean. Mummy has taken some awesome pictures of this awesome looking trumpet. Dare I say that it almost looks as good as I do, and that is saying something. Even the B.A.C. Company complimented mummy on her great pictures 😻

Later, on Monday we got quite a surprise. A young lad and his mum popped in to look at what we had for sale in Tenor Sax mouthpieces. Well of course we stock the world-famous Selmer Paris mouthpieces, so he came to see what we have. This young lad plays soprano, alto and tenor sax.  He said to his mother that he needed a light weight Tenor Sax case as the case he has to carry his Yamaha YTS62 was a bit heavy for him. Daddy took the two of them upstairs to show them the Jacob Winter flight case which is very strong and light. The lad noticed from the corner of his eye the Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto sax we have in stock. He knew very well how good this instrument is so in a fraction of a second…he fell in love with it and bought it. Wow ! What a very lucky boy ! I helped of course 😼

On Wednesday, an American King Cornet we had in stock has found a new home in Invercargill. Our instruments go everywhere.

Later, on Wednesday a long parcel arrived in from Paris. You guessed it. It was a Selmer Paris Series II Tenor sax as a stock item. More Selmer goodies are on their way. We have also this week received a large shipment of Gonzalez Reeds from Argentina and many instrument cases from Protec. Busy Busy, Busy.

Alfa and I have been spending much time outside. Alfa on a leash of course. She really is the only sister I can really relate too. My other siblings are a bit odd and I don’t talk about them much. You can choose your friends, but not your family. I guess I am lucky to have Mummy and Daddy and maybe Alfa 😹. I will share at another time….my other three brothers. 

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Loooong Summer !

It’s been very nice and hot weather…and finally we had rain yesterday after over 40 days without it. The flowers and trees seemed to be happy to have lots of water !

Thank you, all customers, who visited us, purchased something online or sent us the instruments ! The Team are so happy to see lots of instruments keep arriving at the workshop and mummy’s pleased to see that the new website has been working well 😸

Zara and I see everyday that different courier vans deliver something and go away….We have received a few pre-loved instruments from Japan and some new stock items also arrived. 

One of pre-loved instruments was a Yamaha tenor sax YTS275 and she has already found a new home in Auckland - arrived from Japan, serviced, set up and tested by Mio…and has gone to meet a new owner. Everything happened in a few days - No time waste at DR TOOT, meow meow meow 😼

On Thursday, nearly the end of the day, the family visited us. The young boy wanted to try the Selmer Seles Axos alto saxophone. He was excited to play the saxophone and fallen love with the sound. Well, he left with the new saxophone and a happy face…another happy customer !

It rained for just a short period of time yesterday and it was another gorgeous day but very windy today. Mummy and daddy were busy with tidying up the driveway and garden. I must say that it was a bit wild…to be honest 😁

Hope that everyone had a relaxing, safe and sound weekend 😻 Another busy week ahead of us…Zara will tell you the news but daddy is sooooo excited to see the new trumpets from BAC in USA which should be delivered here tomorrow !!!

Sunday, 16 February 2020

So Noisy here!!!!

There are cicadas everywhere. They are driving me crazy with their sound. It’s the sound of summer here in Auckland. Alfa likes to eat them, but they are not to my taste. She likes the crunchy munchy of them but there is no way she can every one of them. She does try to……πŸ™€

Well it has been a quiet week for me but a very busy one for the workshop. As many repairs are done in a day, they are replaced with even more repairs. The pile gets down and grows again in the same day. The most important things is that we have very happy customers at the end of the day. 😸

Just when I thought there was not going to be a sale this week, I was able to sell a Jupiter flute that just arrived a few days ago. At DR TOOT, we have received and still receiving many instruments for stock.

We have even more exciting news. A small shipment of B.A.C. Trumpets are leaving the States in a couple of days. Included in that shipment is our first B.A.C. Custom Handmade Trumpet "Paseo" ! This will be the first Trumpet of it’s kind in Australasia. Yes you heard it from me. Queen Zara is in the know. I am not just a pretty face 😼

Also, another brand new Selmer Paris Series ll tenor saxophone has left France...on the way to DR TOOT, meow meow meow !!!

Friday was Valentine's Day. It was wonderful. I thought Daddy was going out with mummy, but instead he decided to stay at home and share the event with me…..and mum….and Alfa. Tonight I have agreed for Daddy to go out and have dinner with Mummy. That’s my nature. I am very kind and sharing. Enough about me 😁

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and try to always be as humble as me πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ό