Sunday, 21 February 2021

Happiness in the tins πŸ’œ

It’s been nice weather in Auckland and just like summer again !

Well, after my big sis, Zara published her blog last Sunday, our Prime Minister announced that Auckland would be at the Alert Level 3 for three days and the rest of country would be at Level 2. So, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we worked following the Government Level 3 guidance. Everyone was wearing mask at DR TOOT…of course, except me and Zara 😺

We saw some customers under Level 3 but they were not allowed to enter the shop. So, it was a bit strange transaction…then, on Thursday, Auckland was back to Level 2 and the rest of country were back to Level 1. It was very good to see some customers visited us.

Sunday night, one of pre-loved Trumpets found a new home in Christchurch via Trade Me. It was a near new condition Yamaha Xeno trumpet. The customer, who purchased it, has left a very nice feedback on TradeMe. It was for her daughter and she is very happy with the trumpet !!!

Also, another customer in Auckland phoned up and ordered a brand new JP Euhonium for her son who is going to start playing it. They came to collect it from us on Wednesday and they were happy with the Euphonium !

On Thursday, a pre-loved King trombone 606 found a new home in Auckland too. The customer collected it from us…another happy customer !

The same day, another customer came to pick up the serviced/repaired flute from us and she purchased a pre-loved Yamaha alto sax YAS275 which Taka just finished the overhaul work. It was for a her son !

Thank you all customers for your support…without your support we are unable to continue our business πŸ’—

Mummy and Daddy have been trying to feed more and more to Zara as she requires to gain her weight. They gave her nice meal (you know it comes in tin) and of course, I have been eating them too…I must watch my weight…maybe eating too much…I can’t help it…they are too delicious to avoid. For me, Birthday and Christmas came at the same time….ummmm, yum, yum, yum 😻😻😻

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Getting better and putting on the Ritz

Good afternoon, my fellow subjects and welcome to another exciting time with Zara 😻 Since last we spoke, you will all be happy to know that my health seems better and I am slowly putting on some needed weight. Unfortunately, Alfa too is continuing to put on weight πŸ™€  When I leave my plate, she dashes in so fast to bolt down the remaining scraps in my bowl. She is a food magnet! I am now on regular food and still taking my medicine of potassium and pain relief. Thank you all for your support and thoughts. It all helps πŸ™

This week has been a very busy week with instrument repairs and new stock. We have seen many saxophones arriving for stock. From Japan we received a pre-loved Yamaha Silver plated YAS62 Alto Sax and a YAS475 Alto Sax. Both instruments looking great and this week will be listed on our website.  Also arrived this week was New Zealand’s first “Selmer Paris Axos Tenor Saxophone” here for sale. This an absolute beauty. Almost as beautiful as me 😺 It is also at an incredible price. Just $7995. I know that for some it seems very high but for those in the know, it is a great price for a professional Selmer Paris new Tenor Sax. Imagine how many cat food that would buy?

Apart from the many many accessories we sell every week, we sold a new J.P. Tenor Horn and yesterday we sold a new Briccialdi 203 student model flute to a young man looking for a great flute. He has been playing for only one year but wanted a good flute to carry on for many years to come. With the many great instruments we have in stock, I think there will be many more sale to come in the weeks ahead. Speaking of weeks ahead…..Easter is coming fast and this year we are sponsoring the Tauranga Youth Jazz Competition.

Now as many of have maybe already noticed, DR TOOT was in the Spot Light on Trent Hamilton’s Instruments Reviews. The first of his reviews on the BAC Paseo Trumpet is now out there for all to see. A huge thanks and Purr Purr goes out to Trent. If you haven’t seen it already, please take the time to view this and many other reviews Trent had done. I know you will enjoy them as much as Mummy and Daddy do.

Well it’s another hot day, so I better go outside and relax. Happy Valentine's Day to all you little Darlings out there. My Daddy is still my best Valentine……don’t tell Mummy! 😼😻😸

Monday, 8 February 2021

Another short week...

It’s another short week (Waitangi Day today in New Zealand) and I had a very good start in February. 

On Wednesday, the Briccialdi flute 1849 found a new home in Whangarei.  Hope that the new owner has been enjoying playing it 😻

The same day, father and son visited our showroom and purchased the Backun Beta Bb clarinet. The son goes to a local college and he plays a piano. For him, it’s the first time to play the clarinet….wow, he is lucky to start with such a beautiful and quality clarinet !

On Friday, Mummy and Daddy had a phone call from Christchurch who was looking for a tenor horn for herself and a curved soprano saxophone for her husband. Well, we ordered a brand new JP tenor horn for her and we happened to have a pre-loved Yanagisawa soprano sax with twin neck (BTW, we have another Yanagisawa curved soprano sax in stock). The lady could not believe that we have two in stock. She was happy to purchase one with twin neck for her husband and the saxophone will be serviced and leaving here soon !

Yesterday (Sunday), we had a very special (…like me πŸ˜‹) guest from Wellington. His name is Trent Hamilton who is a very famous brass instruments reviewer on YouTube. He has his own channel, so please google him and watch his funny videos ! In the morning, he and Daddy had a zoom interview with Mike from BAC in Kansas City in USA - you can watch the video via DR TOOT facebook page. In the afternoon, Trent tried the BAC trumpets and trombones, reviewed and recorded. We will all see them soon via his YouTube channel. Zara and I heard all the sounds in the living room and we are looking forward to watching the videos with Mummy and Daddy !

Well, the weather has been very good here in Auckland. I enjoy being outside with Zara ! Speaking of Zara, she is now eating well. I think that the medicines are working for her. Mummy and Daddy are hoping she eats more and gains her weight…Take care, Everyone !!! πŸ’“πŸ’›πŸ’œ

Monday, 1 February 2021

Been a hard week for me….

Good afternoon, my fellow subjects and follower of good taste and cultured chats. As I said the last time I spoke that I am eating less and sleeping more. This has been a concern of my staff, (Mummy and Daddy), so on Wednesday Daddy took me to the Animal Hospital. They were very shocked on how much weight I had lost and took some blood and urine tests. Neither of those tests were comfortable to give. The results came back the next day showing that my kidneys, liver and heart is good and I seem healthy in that way. The weight loss is still a mystery but I have been prescribed dosages of Potassium and something to ease my pain. I will return for another check up in 2 weeks and hope to have gained some weight. Because of my weight loss, Mummy and Daddy are giving me very special and yummy food which I have in a separate room so that Alfa doesn’t eat any of it. I do my best but I am still not eating as much as I should. I still love my biscuits and am drinking lots of water. Please wish me well. Alfa is being very kind and supportive of me and I have given her some of my day to day duties to carry out. The Vet mentioned the “C Word” in front of me. Paws crossed that it isn’t that…..

As I haven’t been 100% this week, I have only managed to do a couple of sale of instruments but many accessories sales. The week started off with a sale of a Buffet Greenline R13 Clarinet that had recently arrived from Japan. It has gone to a new home in Auckland. On Sunday a family came over to see us and looked at a Yamaha Intermediate Trumpet for their son. He has only been playing for a few years but made a lovely sound on it. Another instrument from DR TOOT has found a new home in this beautiful country of ours 😺

Well it’s time to say good bye for now and I am sure I will be feeling better soon. Alfa needs to loose weight and I need some of her FAT. Please be thinking of me. I need your support…Meow Meow Meow 😻

Sunday, 24 January 2021

Maybe chilly outside…but hot at DR TOOT !

The week started very slow with a chilly weather like autumn…it ended up “what a week!” as I am Alfa, Princess Alfa in charge of sales 😻

Thank you so much for all customers who visited us, phoned us and emailed us…! Well, two rooms upstairs are still full of instruments (they are ready to be delivered to schools). So, customers came and had to try instruments in the living room which normally I stay during a day time. I saw and heard lots of very nice music this week 😊

Because it’s still school holidays, some families came and a few people asked about me and Zara. That’s lovely to hear - thank you ! πŸ’

On Friday, father and son visited us to try a pre-loved alto sax. Mummy and Daddy happened to have a pre-loved Jupiter Artist Series alto saxophone (beautiful silver body and neck with lacquered keys). The son liked the saxophone and they left with the new saxophone !

On Saturday, a family visited us to see the latest arrival, pre-loved Saxgourment Model 6 copper tenor sax and the vintage King Super 20 Series l tenor sax. The son tried both of them and he really loved the Saxgourment tenor sax. He has got the vintage Conn alto sax from us and now the tenor sax. Mummy and Daddy are very happy to see lots of young musos play our instruments 😺

The same day, a customer phoned up to see if we have a pre-loved student model trumpet for his son….well, we happened to have a Yamaha trumpet (sorry, it was not listed on website) and the trumpet is now ready to go to a new home in Wellington J

Today, another Yamaha clarinet YCL450 (our best seller clarinet !) found a new home too. She is leaving for a new home in Wellington too !

More instruments will be listed on our website soon…the rare King tenor sax (above mentioned), Yanagisawa curved soprano sax…6 alto saxophones are on the way to DR TOOT - pre-loved Yamaha YAS34, YAS475, YAS62 with G1 neck and YAS62S with 62neck…and brand new Chateau saxophones x 2 !

Well, my tiny brain has started dizzy…too much, too much…I am off now 😸 Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great week ahead, everyone !!! 

Sunday, 17 January 2021

The End is getting closer….

Yes it’s true. The pile on school instruments to be cleaned and serviced is getting smaller. The end of the repairs for school instruments is getting closer πŸ™€ We have already started on the private repairs and the Team is in full swing for that. Taka is in his “Taka Cave” working on a huge variety of stock and customer‘s woodwind repairs while Daddy and Jordan keep plugging away on the balance of brass & woodwind school instruments. It’s been many years since I have seen Daddy work on as many clarinets and saxophones as he has been doing. Usually Daddy is happy sticking with the brass repairs, but this time of year he is seen behind many clarinets and saxophones. Jordan is still learning but he is doing a good job on the many clarinets and saxophones he has to do. We are getting closer to the end…😺

More goodies have arrived from Japan. Instruments and accessories. A beautiful Buffet R13 Greenline Clarinet as well as a Yamaha YCL450 Clarinet and a Yamaha YTS62 Tenor Sax that was sold before Mummy could even list it. Many of the instruments that have recently arrive are orders made by people and schools. Remember that if you are looking for something special, contact us and we, (Mummy), will do her best to find one for you. This week a Buffet RC A Clarinet with double case has found a new home in Wellington and a Yamaha YTS62 Tenor Sax is now living with a special customer of ours on Waiheke Island. From near and far they go to homes where they will make beautiful music with their new owners 😻

The days here are so beautiful and we are so fortunate to live here in New Zealand where it is healthy and pretty safe. I spend my days eating a little and sleeping a lot inside and outside. Alfa spends her days eating, eating, eating and sleeping indoors. Zara is smart, Zara loving and beautiful, Zara is free….Be like Zara! I hear other cats say this about me. I try and stay as humble as I can 😼

Many things happening in NZ. One of them is the American Cup where boats that look like planes skim the water to see who is the fastest Humans find this exciting. For me it is as exciting as watching grass grow or paint drying. Oh well. It’s that time when I do another exciting thing and sleep on my fat, black, furry pillow. 

Have a great week every body and try and get outside as much as you can.😺

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Happy Tooting 2021 !!!

This is the first blog in 2021 by me, so I would like to say Happy “mmmeeeow” Year to everyone from me, Alfa….your princess Alfa πŸ’œ

I guess that lots of people are still on holidays and enjoying a summer break. We feel the summer is finally here…the temperature has gone up ! My big sis, Zara seems to be enjoying to sleep outside nowadays. I sometimes enjoy outside…of course, with my friend, leash !

The Team of Jordan, Taka and Daddy continued working on the instruments from schools as well as from private customers. Daddy thinks that the end of tunnel is getting closer !!!

We have been waiting for the shipments from Japan and they are taking much longer than usual….patience, patience. Good things come slowly !

This week, BAC Apprentice Series trumpet has found a new home in Auckland via our online store. She is leaving for a new home tomorrow 😊

In New Zealand, our daily life seems to be close to “normal” but Zara and I understand that most of rest of world are still far from the normality…so, we are sending our thoughts to you who lives outside of New Zealand. Take care, friends…and stay safe…and keep tooting ! 😻😺😸