Sunday, 8 December 2019

Santa is coming!!!

Yes…Santa is coming soon and because I have been such a good girl, I know I will get plenty of tinned fish food for me and lumps of coal for Alfa. The Christmas tree is up and Taka keeps putting on Christmas music in the shop.

Same songs every year….Another sign that Christmas is close is the amount of instruments in the shop now. Daddy and Jordan have been out and about picking up instruments from schools for their end of the year service. It is important that if you are to get your instrument ready for Christmas, that you better bring it in now. Please make sure you bring it in before school starts and I don’t mean the day before school starts.

This week we sold a beautiful Selmer Paris Mark Vl tenor sax to a gentleman in Tauranga who obviously appreciates quality in his saxophones. He was very happy and left his alto here for servicing and will pick it up shortly. It’s all happening in the house of TOOT. Many accessories too have arrived in from Switzerland, Japan and 2 new Backun clarinets from Canada where Daddy comes from. These are stock items and are ready now for a new home in New Zealand.

I know that sometimes I sound like a stuck record, but Daddy has been out a lot again. Rehearsals and concerts. Last night the MCB had their end of the year Christmas concert in Howick. Today Daddy will be marching with the Howick Brass in our local Howick Santa Parade….maybe a quick beer afterwards. Tomorrow it’s out to the MCB social, Tuesday out at a Howick Brass meeting, Wednesday out to Howick Brass Rehearsal…..and so on…

Well it’s time to sign off so I can spend a little time with Daddy before he goes to bed....meow 😸 Be good everybody like me cause SANTA is Coming!!!! 😻

Sunday, 1 December 2019

It’s already December…πŸ™€

What a week…This week started with a beautiful weather and without Taka and Jordan. Less 2 team members means that it was soooooo busy here 😸

On Tuesday, one of pre-loved alto saxophones has found a new home in Auckland. The father visited us in the afternoon and he purchased the Yamaha YAS62LSE with Custom E1 neck alto sax for his son as a Christmas present….wow, someone is so lucky !!!  

The next day, the mother visited us in the morning and she purchased the Yamaha YAS62S with G1 neck for her son…Yes, another YAS62 has found a new home in Auckland 😊

Also, Taka was back to work on Wednesday and it was soooo good to see him again at DR TOOT πŸ˜ŠHe had a great time with his family from Japan. We are happy for him and his new wife !

It’s already been so warm this year….nice sunny summer weather here.

On Friday, one of our customers visited us with his wife. He is a saxophone player and alto sax collector. He wanted to sell a part of his saxophone collection. He brought a few saxophones and showed them to us. The two of them will be serviced, set up and tested by Taka soon. Mummy will take photos and list them on our website as soon as they are ready. One of them is a very very rare and special (it sounds like me 😲) alto sax, Yanagisawa WO37PGP which is sold silver body and neck and everything is Pink Gold Plated…meow, meow, meow….this saxophone is normally made to order and not available at a store like other saxophones. It is a very expensive saxophone and mummy and daddy think that it would be a first time and last time to see the saxophone. Also, his another sax, Yamaha Custom YAS875EX with Custom G1 neck will be available for sale.

The same day, we had another special visitor…a very well-know, Jazz saxophonist and The University of Auckland Senior Lecturer, Roger Manins !!! He brought his Selmer Paris Mark Vl tenor saxophone for Taka to work on it. Also, he tried out our stock, Mark Vl tenor sax. He was so impressed with the saxophone and how it has been set up. We all heard that he played at DR TOOT…what a sound !!!

Yesterday, DR TOOT hosted an annual Howick Brass Band BBQ here…which means that Zara and I had to stay at mummy and daddy’s bedroom for a few hours. Oh, well, Zara doesn’t like this but I don’t mind….hehehehe. Zara and I did not see anyone but we heard lots of laugh and voice, so I guess it went well πŸ˜Έ

Oh, two more things…yes, a Christmas tree is up now. You know, I like staying under the tree,,,, meow 😻 Last thing, mummy and daddy picked up a car today, which is going to be a DR TOOT delivery car…It’s silver colour….Yeahhhhh, it’s very good choice !!!

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Where is my Daddy???....again !

Have you seen my Daddy? I know he lives here and I do see him sometimes…..but not often!!! You see that this time of year daddy seems to be out playing with bands of all sorts. Playing, marching and turning up to rehearsals and concerts. Today for example daddy was playing in Manurewa at a retirement Village, on Friday playing with the Howick Brass at Midnight Madness in Howick and rehearsals during the week. Between now and Christmas our daddy does not have a single weekend free.

Well, having said that, daddy and the small team have been very busy with repairs. Taka has been working on a very large project. He has completely rebuilt a French Dolnet Tenor Sax. This saxophone was dented, and in a very very dreadful state. All pads and corks need to be replaced and body and keys straightened and tone holes filed and refaced. You can see before and after pictures on our Facebook page. 

Jordan is still in Japan and gets back on Saturday. This meant that Taka, Mio and daddy worked very hard in the shop. On Friday, Taka took Friday off and collected his mummy and daddy and brother and auntie from the airport as they had just arrived in from Japan. JAPAN!!! Yes Japan because they were here to celebrate with Taka for his wedding on Saturday. That’s right. Taka married a beautiful woman from Taiwan and her name is Jean. Mummy and daddy went to the wedding. Alfa and I couldn’t go as we didn’t have anything nice to wear, but we passed on our best wishes.

Been a busy week for sales too. This week a Yamaha 480 Alto sax has found a new home as well as a beautiful Backun ALPHA Clarinet. Please note that is an ALPHA is not Alfa!!! Also this week an amazing Holton Professional French Horn has also found a home in Hamilton. 

From Paris France, a new Selmer Paris Series II Tenor Sax has arrived as a stock item along with many mouthpieces including Selmer’s latest  part plastic/metal alto sax mouthpiece.

Gotta go now. Daddy is tired and I must get back to sleep. Alfa I am sure will share many things with you next week which again, I will have to edit. Be cool my subjects.😺

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Birthday Season…continued πŸŽ‚

Yes, this week started with my birthday ! I turned 8…and still feel so young J Zara and I shared the gourmet meals in tiny tins which I requested J

Mummy completed the new website earlier than she expected and she arranged to be live on Monday which was of course, my birthday….yes, she dedicated it to me….meow, meow, meow ! Hope that everyone is enjoying our new website…mummy has listed more products and features. And of course, you can see me and my big sis Zara under the DR TOOT Team J

We received two pre-loved cornets this week - King 605 lacquer finish and Yamaha YCR4330GSll silver finish. They have been serviced, set up and tested by our apprentice, Jordan and checked by Daddy. You can find them on our new website J

Speaking of Jordan, he is now in Japan for his break…before it will be crazy busy here for summer holidays. He will be back to work on the 2nd December. Hope he is have a great time in Japan !
Taka also will be on leave for a few days from this coming Friday to the beginning of the following week. So, please understand that there would be slower turnaround than our usual turnaround - Thank you.

Well, I have to mention this…it was Zara’s birthday yesterday…she turned 12 !!! It makes her 84 year-old in human age. Wow, she is getting old J She was not so happy, because Daddy had to leave for New Plymouth early morning. He flew there for his friend, Jack’s funeral. Yep, he missed her birthday…Mummy still gave us the special meals as Zara requested in advance. She was excited to hear the sound of opening the tins…yes, not in the pouch.  Ummm, that was yummy !

While Daddy’s away, mother and son visited us yesterday to try our pre-loved tenor saxophones. He was quite happy with the Yamaha YTS62. So, the saxophone has found a new home in Auckland J

Daddy came back from New Plymouth in the afternoon today. Zara is very happy now J. She has promised to sleep on Daddy’s lap and purr on Daddy. Lucky Daddy, Lucky Zara !

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Birthday Season πŸŽ‚

Yes, it’s that time of year again when three of the DR TOOT Team have their birthdays. It kicked off with mummy’s Birthday yesterday. It was almost as if she had two birthdays because the boys and daddy were singing Happy Birthday to mummy on Friday. This was because they wouldn’t be here on mummy’s true birthday and they all wanted cake and to wish mummy all the best.

Alfa and I were not aloud any cake but it sure looked great. I was a bit confused though as daddy said that it was a dark chocolate MUD Cake!!! I mean to say…..who wants to eat mud? Yuk daddy, not very thoughtful. Everyone seemed to enjoy and mummy looked very happy. Happy Birthday MUMMY 😻

Continuing with the Birthday theme, Alfa’s birthday is tomorrow. Maybe she will be old enough to go outside without a leash on..hahahahahaha….NOT! Some of us were meant to be complete cats and some, not. Anyways.. The trio of birthdays finishes with a climax and celebrates the birthdays of all birthdays. MINE!! I heard mummy and daddy talking about getting something special in the food line of things for our birthday. It never fails.😼

The workshop has had it’s usual hum of repairs this week. Over forty instruments have had their turn on the bench in the past couple of weeks. So much activity going on. Mio has been very busy on flutes while Jordan has been busy dismantling and cleaning all sort of brass and woodwind instruments. The Grand Taka has been working very hard on saxophones and pretty well anything he gets his hands on. Daddy been on clarinets and a large assortment of brass instruments.

The hardest worker this week was our Birthday Mum MUMMY. She seems to be locked up in her office and when daddy comes to visit, she tells him to go away. Mind you, there is nothing new about that. 😺You see, mummy is in the final stages in designing our new website that has a much better picture of me in the Team photo. Fingers crossed that this may go live tomorrow. Paws and fingers crossed 😸

This week some instruments arrived in from Japan for stock and one of them was a Hans Hoyer full double French Horn. It arrived and was serviced by Taka and daddy. Within 24 hours after it was serviced it was sold to a very nice young man who goes to a high school near us. He sounded great and was sooooooo HAPPY. A day later, a lovely Yamaha YCL450 clarinet also found a new home here in Auckland. Happy, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Joy.😸😸😸

Time for me to go. Daddy is playing in two concerts today with two different bands. The last one for him today is with the Howick Brass who celebrate 60 years since it started and will be a wonderful event…I believe as usual, I am not aloud to go. All the very Best Howick Brass !!!

Sunday, 3 November 2019

A Glimpse of Summer

It was a short week which made the Team much busier and the week was just disappear!  My big sis, Zara laughed at me staying at the front of mummy’s keyboard….so, I tried to stay away from that this week J

A lot happened in the short week at DR TOOT. Lots of instruments were collected from one of schools in Auckland…already ! It looks that our summer has started…already !??

Speaking of summer, we had a very nice weather in the weekend. It was warm today and I spent some times outside….yes, with leash of course ! I enjoyed sunshine and a bit of windy for my fur J

More pads from Italy and some tools from USA have arrived. Also, the Selmer Paris Mark Vl tenor saxophone has arrived from Gisborne. Taka has worked on, set it up and tested it….and it is now on sale. Mummy was taking pictures this afternoon and it will be listed on our website tomorrow.

On Friday, a gentleman came to try one of pre-loved clarinets. He visited us and tried a few clarinets before and this time he tried the latest stock of Yamaha Custom CX clarinet. He loved the clarinet and left with a happy face and the clarinet.

We received a sad news from New Plymouth this week. Daddy’s very good friend, John aka Jack has passed away on Wednesday. Daddy met him in 1974 when daddy arrived in NZ from Canada. Jack was a very well known trumpet player and he was 84. We saw him when he visited us here a few years ago…he was a funny man - Jack, RIP.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

I Love Long Weekends!!!

Yes my fellow followers…..this is a long weekend. It’s Labour Day here in New Zealand, so why is Mummy and Daddy working? This is the last break we have till Christmas and Alfa and I are making the most of it. The sun is shining and it’s very warm today.

For the past few days it has been raining with so much wind. The wind hurts my tender, sensitive ears and the rain makes a mess of my lovely fur coat. Whenever the outside door is open, Alfa makes a mad dash for outside and does this silly cutesy cutesy rolling on her back for attention. It’s embarrassing. I understand that she does this as she is just an inside cat and the smell of freedom sometimes is too much for her. She can’t handle such freedom so we keep her indoors. She will always be too young to go outside alone. Just not responsible enough. There. I have said it!!!

Anyways…Like I said, I love long weekends. It gives me more time to bond with my Daddy, because, when summer comes, he and the team are working so hard on school and private repairs. Everybody works so hard here.

This week has been as all week a very busy week. Taka has been on and off for the past few months, working on a beautiful vintage Grassi Baritone Sax. He took the instrument apart, removed all dents, cleaned all the keys and body and completely re-padded it and returned it to it’s formal glory.

On Thursday he finished it and tested it. WOW…WOW, it sounded amazing. Work got out that this beautiful BEAST was available to buy and on Friday afternoon a very tall lad came in and tested it and fell in love with it…and bought it. Yes, after much work and love, the Vintage Baritone Sax has a new home and a new lease of life.

Two other instruments were sold this week that only just arrived this week from Japan. They were a Yamaha Bass Clarinet and a Yamaha YTS275 Tenor Sax that were both pre-ordered. Remember, that if you are looking for a quality pre-loved instrument and we don’t have what you are looking for, then you can ask us to look and get one in for you. It’s all part of the DR TOOT smile included 😸😸😸

The Repair Team Staff have been very busy with many instruments coming in. Later this coming week, Daddy will be picking up many instruments from a local school and so it all begins. Mummy is crazy busy working on our new website which we hope should be online sometime later next month. Watch this space. Mummy is working very hard, but Alfa in her very strange way, keeps sitting in front of the screen and keyboard making it hard for Mummy to do her work. I think she has issues. Alfa not Mummy. I stay clear from Daddy and I know that it is not right to bother him with my wise advice.😼

Well tomorrow is Monday and I plan on being with Daddy as long as I can and let him stroke and pet me. I am so kind. Have a great long weekend everyone and hope it’s PURRRRRFECT for you.😺